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  • What are military times?

    Military Time is a time format using a 24 Hour Time system that eliminates the need for the designations “A.M.” and “P.M.”. Military Time is sometimes referred to as “24 Hour Time”. Military Time leaves less room for confusion than Standard Time. Is it 2pm or 2 PM? In addition, when […]

  • What is the fraction value of 1 by 13?

    Now we can see that our fraction is 7.6923076923077/100, which means that 1/13 as a percentage is 7.6923%. Is 1 13 a terminating decimal? Answer: It has a non terminating recurring decimal expansion. Step-by-step explanation: Because the factors of 13 is 13 or 1. What is 2 out of […]

  • Why did 123movies shut down?

    It was called the world’s “most popular illegal site” by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2018, before being shut down a few weeks later on foot of a criminal investigation by the Vietnamese authorities. What happened to GoMovies? Just over a week ago, 123movies, also known as […]

  • How do you solve 24 divided by 2?

    Using a calculator, if you typed in 24 divided by 2, you’d get 12. You could also express 24/2 as a mixed fraction: 12 0/2. How do you learn to divide? When we divide any number, divisor must be smaller than the number of dividend. Subtract the product from the number […]

  • Is it good to wear 1 Mukhi rudraksha?

    The wearer of a one mukhi rudraksha is not only blessed by Shiva, but also by Mahalakshmi. This rudraksha enhances the powers of the mind like concentration and confidence. How many Rudraksh should be in mala? Traditionally, the number of beads is 108 plus one, the bindu. It’s recommended that an […]

  • What does Colon 3 C mean?

    Stage 3C: The cancer has grown past the colon or rectum wall and has spread to the tissue that lines the abdominal organs, but it has not spread to nearby organs. Cancer is found in four to six nearby lymph nodes. What does 🥴 emoji mean? The woozy face emoji means […]