What is 5/8 as a whole?

Answer and Explanation: The fraction 5/8 can never be a whole number because it represents part of a whole. The whole is divided into 8 pieces, and the fraction 5/8…

What is the ratio form of 5 8?

Actually 58 is a ratio. All fractions are expressions of ratios. The second part of 5:8 is the denominator. This means that the first item has 5 parts for every 8 parts of the second item.

What is 5/8 as a decimal and percent?

⅝ as a decimal point is 0.625. ⅝ as a decimal point is 0.625. ⅝ as a decimal number can be written as 63%.

What is 8 over 5 as a mixed number?

Answer: The value of 8 divided by 5 as a fraction is 1⅗. To convert an improper fraction into a mixed fraction, we take quotient 1 as a whole part and in the fractional part remainder 1 as the numerator, and divisor 5 as the denominator. The GCF of 1 and 5 is 1.

What is 0.625 as a fraction?

For another example, convert 0.625 to a fraction. Multiply 0.625/1 by 1000/1000 to get 625/1000. Reducing we get 5/8.

What is 5/8 in a percent?

This content was developed by Houston Community College. Please Note: In the video the answer to 5/8 as a percent is 67.5%. This is incorrect. The correct answer is 62.5%.

Are fractions equivalent?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that represent the same value, even though they look different. For example, if you have a cake, cut it into two equal pieces, and eat one of them, you will have eaten half the cake.

What is 2.8 as a fraction?

2.8 as a fraction is 2 4/5. When you say 2.8 out loud, you hear: ”2 and 8 tenths”. This can also be written as a mixed number of 2 8/10.

How do you work out 9 divided by 5?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 9 divided by 5, you’d get 1.8. You could also express 9/5 as a mixed fraction: 1 4/5. If you look at the mixed fraction 1 4/5, you’ll see that the numerator is the same as the remainder (4), the denominator is our original divisor (5), and the whole number is our final answer (1).

What is fraction math?

fraction, In arithmetic, a number expressed as a quotient, in which a numerator is divided by a denominator. In a simple fraction, both are integers. A complex fraction has a fraction in the numerator or denominator. In a proper fraction, the numerator is less than the denominator.

How do you put fractions in a calculator?

The numerator is the top number in the fraction. Type the numerator into your calculator, then push the divide button. Next, type the bottom number into the calculator, which is the denominator. Hit the equal sign to get your decimal.

How do you multiply fractions and mixed numbers?

The steps involved in multiplying fractions and mixed numbers are similar, but an important first step is required when multiplying mixed numbers. To multiply fractions, simply multiply the numerators; then multiply the denominators. Simplify to lowest terms if possible.

How do you turn 1.4 into a fraction?

1.4 = 1 and 4/10. We can reduce this to lowest terms by dividing the numerator and denominator or 4/10 by 2 to get the equivalent fraction 1 and 2/5.

What is 59 as a fraction?

59% in the fraction form is 59/100. If you want you can simplify it further as 59/100. 3. Where do I get step by step procedure to convert 59% to fraction?

How do I write fractions as decimals?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, we divide the numerator by the denominator. If we have a mixed number, the whole number stays to the left of the decimal.

What is the ratio of 2 and 3?

once you’ve divided the value by five, to share in the ratio 2:3 simply means to multiply the single part you formed; by first 2 (for the left hand side of the ratio) and then multiply the single 5th by 3 (for the right hand side of the ratio). you have succesfully split a value in the ratio 2:3.

What is the ratio of 1 to 10?

So just as a fraction of 3/30 can be simplified to 1/10, a ratio of 3:30 (or 4:40, 5:50, 6:60 and so on) can be simplified to 1:10.

How do you figure out percentages using a calculator?

convert any number from its percentage form to its decimal form. Just enter the number and press the % button, and the calculator will show the decimal equivalent. To represent the number 4% on your calculator, just press the button 4 and then %.

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