What is a slave master kink?

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Why do we use master-slave flip flop?

Master slave flip flop is used to eliminate race around condition. So where do we use this configuration. Join ResearchGate to ask questions, get input, and advance your work.

What is master-slave in database?

As the name suggests, the master-slave is a database architecture divided into a master database and slave databases. The slave database serves as the backup for the master database. The master database is actually the keeper of the data resources and also the place where all the writing requests are performed.

How does master-slave architecture work?

Master-slave architectures are used to help stabilize a system. Master is the true data keeper while a slave is a replication of master. Cache/caching is an option but using it as complementary to the master-slave system would be better. Replication is the process of synchronizing data from the master to slave.

What are the disadvantages of master-slave flip-flop?

The disadvantage of master slave pulse triggered flip-flop slow O complicated O need additional circuit to work correctly all the above O.

What is the advantage of master-slave flip-flop to other clocked flip flops?

Advantages of Master Slave Flip Flop. Master slave can be operated on level triggered or edge triggered clock pulse; it can be used in various ways. A sequential circuit with an edge-controlled flip flop is straightforward to design rather than a level-triggered flip flop.

How race around condition is avoided in master-slave flip-flop?

This problem is called race around condition in J-K flip-flop. This problem (Race Around Condition) can be avoided by ensuring that the clock input is at logic “1” only for a very short time. This introduced the concept of Master Slave JK flip flop.

Is Cassandra master-slave?

Cassandra is designed such that it has no master or slave nodes. It has a ring-type architecture, that is, its nodes are logically distributed like a ring. Data is automatically distributed across all the nodes. Similar to HDFS, data is replicated across the nodes for redundancy.

Is noSQL master-slave?

More and more of the noSQL databases that are in the spotlight uses the master/slave pattern to provide “availability”, but what it does (at least from my perspective) is creating the weak link in a chain that will break anytime. – Master goes down, slaves stops to function.

How master-slave works in MySQL?

The master has a thread, called the dump thread, that continuously reads the master’s binlog and sends it to the slave. The slave has a thread, called the IO thread, that receives the binlog that the master’s dump thread sent, and writes it to a file: the relay log.

Which one is the advantage of master-slave control?

Answer: The advantages of master-slave multiprocessing are listed below: The operating system typically will have one or more processors for its own exclusive use, it separates the operating system program from the users applications.

What is master-slave design?

The Master/Slave design pattern is another fundamental architecture LabVIEW developers use. It is used when you have two or more processes that need to run simultaneously and continuously but at different rates. If these processes run in a single loop, severe timing issues can occur.

What is MySQL master-slave architecture?

MySQL replication is a process that enables data from one MySQL database server (the master) to be copied automatically to one or more MySQL database servers (the slaves).

Which one of the following flip-flop do not have race problem?

Explanation: T flip-flop is free from the race around condition because its output depends only on the input; hence there is no any problem creates as like toggle.

How do you make edge-triggered flip-flops?

It is said to trigger on the edge of the clock pulse, and thus is called an edge-triggered flip-flop. The flip-flop can be triggered by a raising edge (0->1, or positive edge trigger) or falling edge (1->0, or negative edge trigger).

What is the advantage of SR flip-flop?

S-R flip flops is that the combination of S=1 and R= 1 cannot occur. The advantage of using this type offlip flop is the simplicity of it and it generates certain outputs. If we were to use any other method thecircuit would be bigger and more complex. The flip flop simplifies the desired outputs.

How many numbers of flip flops are used in master-slave flip-flop?

A master slave flip flop contains two clocked flip flops. The first is called master and the second slave. When the clock is high the master is active.

What is race around condition in digital electronics?

Race Around Condition in JK Flip-flop For J-K flip-flop, if J=K=1, and if clk=1 for a long period of time, then output Q will toggle as long as CLK remains high which makes the output unstable or uncertain. This is called a race around condition in J-K flip-flop.

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